le Elfe


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horse name: ELF
Breed: Andalusians
Age:3 years
Price : 6000
main discipline
Other features
is broken
knows how to wind up
worked in freedom/hand
led by a halter noble to the blacksmith

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lfe is the dream of all stallion owners and those who would like to become one. Also as a gelding he will certainly be a great partner.
The stallion is a real treasure when it comes to handling. Stallion manners are a foreign word for him, he is an absolutely dear stallion, extremely decent and very balanced. Elfe is an open-minded, curious horse who is open to people and wants to please.
He enjoys solid basic training and has ridden and lunged in the basic gaits.
He runs great on the halter. Showering, saddling, cleaning and staying tied are also part of his everyday life. He is great at work and quickly understands what you want from him.
The pretty one is immediately apparitional at first sight. All Iberian horse lovers will melt at the sight of this horse dream. He has everything one could wish for, a beautiful head with a lovely eye, a strong build and a thick mane that is getting longer.

The pretty one will certainly feel at home with a leisure rider.


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